Meet the artist

Paola Stella is an award-winning artist with more than 20 years of experience in the art world. Born in Venice, Italy, and trained in Europe, Paola incorporates ancient history and art techniques into her designs, with influences from Roman, Greek, Middle-age, and Renaissance art to create a distinctly stylish and rich aesthetic.


The Ithaca Art Collection

The Ithaca by Paola Stella is a vast collection of 100% hand-made artworks, ranging from commissioned and made-to-order art pieces to museum replicas and more. The Ithaca collection includes timeless sculptural artworks inspired by the best art and produced with ancient techniques.

Inside the World of Ithaca

Paola Stella’s timeless art pieces demonstrate creativity, style, and craftsmanship. Stella’s artwork has been displayed in prestigious museums, including the British Museum (London, England), Aquileia’s Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta (Aquileia, Italy), the Museum of Agrigento, the Museum Archeologico Eno Bellis, (Oderzo, Italy), and the Domus Romana Museum in Lucca. Paola has also sculpted refined replicas of valuable works of art for various clients and stores in Venice, Naples, Rome, Cordoba, and London. 


Experience the Magic of Art

Discover beautifully designed art for every home and office, from everyday classics to extravagant pieces for special occasions and gifts. Explore sculptures, bas-reliefs, masks, cameos, plaques, portraits, giftware, and more. Through Ithaca’s expression, you will experience the magic of art.